Fees for Hypnotherapy Services

Your private hypnotherapy session is customized for your unique concerns and goals and may last up to 2 hours. If you feel a longer appointment is necessary, we can discuss this possibility.

I would be thrilled to offer you a no obligation, complimentary consultation by phone, Skype, or in person if geographically possible. You can schedule this by completing the form on my Contact Page.

First session: $175.00 – 1.5 to 2 hours

Hourly rate after the first session: $125.00

Fees for sessions paid online, in advance, will be reduced by $20.00.

You may be able to deduct your fees on your federal tax return as an un-reimbursed medical expense.




  • Cravings too strong?
  • Hate the gym?
  • Has weighing, measuring, counting calories and eating boxed foods failed you?
  • Eating due to emotions?
  • Truly want to be healthy?

Just Can’t Weight is a series of 10 sessions. These private sessions come with a 2-day follow up call or e-mail throughout to keep you inspired, supported and on track. Health is possible, but you need to know why this is a priority for you personally. What is the extra weight costing you monetarily, socially and emotionally? Imagine what you would like ideally. Training your brain can actually change your brain chemistry so that you start to crave healthy. I can guide you to the answers that are just right for you, long-term without diets, yo-yoing, pills or boxes.

Cost: $1,850 or Prepaid $1,650





  • Tried many times to quit tobacco but need more than willpower?
  • Smoking or chewing for ten or more years?
  • Last one you know to quit?
  • Hate the smell on your clothes and in your car?
  • Tired of the looks you get?

No Puffin is a program of six private sessions. I can help you quit for life if you are ready.

You will enjoy better long-term health, save the money you’ve been spending on your habit and improve your relationships.

Cost: $850 or Prepaid $800



  • Are you or a loved one facing Alzheimer’s
  • Are you or your loved one experiencing anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and frustration over memory loss and confusion?

Alzheimer’s Care is a program consisting of ten sessions developed to address the strong mix of emotions that a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s brings. My personal experience with this disease has provided me with the empathy , skill and experience to help bring peace into the lives of those impacted by this disease. The first session is one hour followed by nine half hour sessions, in home, assisted living residence, by phone, Skype or in my office.

Valued at  over $700, I am offering this program at a Senior’s rate of $650 or prepaid $600


Perinatal-BeWellHypnosisOne in seven women, 20 percent, experience Postpartum Mood Disorders.  Many obstetricians are not knowledgeable about these disorders and are not the best resource for help.  If you have experienced mood disorders in the past or feel you want a plan for the possibility of a postpartum mood disorder, please contact me.  I have completed specialized training in this area, currently provide volunteer warm-line assistance for Postpartum Support International for women experiencing postpartum mood disorders, and have firsthand experience living through and coming out on the other side.  If you need someone who knows what it’s like, knows how to plan, and is sure this is a temporary condition, please call me.

You’re not to blame, you’re understood, …… and with proper, timely attention you can decrease the duration and symptoms.

Fee for service.  $125.00 to create a plan.


  • SurvivingtoThriving-BeWellHypnosisStriving for inner peace, but feel guilt?
  • Finding yourself stuck in behaviors that sabotage your success?
  • Is your past holding you back?

Surviving to Thriving is a client-centered series of four private sessions to address these issues. I believe that you have the answers that are just right for you, and I will be your guide in discovering the inner wisdom that will allow you to thrive.

Cost: $525 or Prepaid $500




  • BackgroundBaseConstantly hitting a brick wall?
  • Wanting to find your true path and your niche?
  • Hoping to break free from relationships that steal your peace?
  • Do old traumas take your freedom and leave you stagnant?
  • Need to forgive yourself or others to move on?

Becoming Your Bliss is a series of five private, client-centered sessions that address these issues. You will be able to give attention to what’s holding you back from true happiness and to address it, so that you gain the freedom to move on and become your bliss.

Cost: $650 or Prepaid $625




SoulfulPresence-BeWellHypnosisSoulful Presence is a truly life impacting way of experiencing hypnosis for the total being. This is an opportunity to continue to become more insightful about yourself, reach any type of goal you imagine and live in self-discovery as the radiant being that you were created to be at the beginning of time. This special offer consists of two private sessions each month and one monthly twenty minute progress call per month for my life-time.

Cost: $3,995 or Prepaid $3,500




LivingAbunddantly-BeWellHypnosisIf you did not see a series of private sessions that fits your needs above, I can design one for you. Just Contact me for a complimentary, no obligation discovery call and we’ll get moving on the journey you desire. Cost to be determined by number of sessions provided to address your unique circumstances.






This Program is designed for those facing life’s transition, specifically for those wanting to share their life’s lessons, experience and knowledge with their loved ones. I will walk beside you, listen to your unique story allowing you to impart the lessons you’ve  learned in this life and want to pass down to future generations leaving a living legacy.

Cost at a per hour basis not to exceed $500.