Perinatal Services

Perinatal Coaching and Services


Mother/Baby Coaching:

I am a Certified Prenatal and Mother/Baby Coach.  Whether you need prenatal planning or mother/baby solutions after a birth, I can provide compassionate, resourceful and educated care.

I would be thrilled to offer you a no obligation, complimentary consultation by phone, Skype, or in person if geographically possible. You can schedule this by completing the form on my Contact Page.

One in seven women experience Postpartum Mood Disorders.  Many obstetricians are not knowledgeable about these disorders and are not the best resource for help.  If you have experienced mood disorders in the past or feel you want a plan for the possibility of a postpartum mood disorder, please contact me.  I have completed specialized training in this area, currently provide volunteer warm-line assistance for Postpartum Support International for women experiencing postpartum mood disorders, and have firsthand experience living through and coming out on the other side.  If you need someone who knows what it’s like, knows how to plan, and is sure this is a temporary condition, please call me.

You’re not to blame, you’re understood, …… and with proper, timely attention you can decrease the duration and symptoms.
Let’s create a plan.